Loddon Mallee Services Limited trading as Haven Home Safe (HHS) is an Approved Participant in the National Rental Affordability Scheme.

We are a not-for-profit community-based charity.

In 2005, we became Victoria’s first registered Affordable Housing Association, creating new housing options for those in our community seeking affordable housing alternative.

Separate from our NRAS compliance operations we provide an integrated continuum of housing services and support programs. As is the nature of such programs, a collaborative approach to service delivery is essential, and HHS’s strong links to service providers, our customer base, and investors have laid the foundation to a great deal of respect and recognition within the sector and ensured our services reach a wide and diverse range of people in need.

Our clients and tenants are at the heart of what we do.

We will endeavour to provide the best service possible so you can improve your circumstances, and have a place to call home.


National Rental Affordability Scheme
What is the role of Haven Home Safe in the NRAS scheme?

We are the second largest Approved Participant under the National Rental Affordability Scheme in Victoria. The majority of our incentives are attached to dwellings owned by private investors however a proportion are allocated to properties that we own.

How many NRAS allocations is Haven Home Safe responsible for?

Haven Home Safe is responsible for managing the compliance obligations for 1,138 NRAS dwellings on behalf of the investor and also features in the top 10 for Australia wide list (Source: DSS’s Quarterly Performance Report, 31 December 2017). This constitutes 11% of NRAS allocations in Victoria (3% Australia wide).

Why choose Haven Home Safe?

At Haven Home Safe, it is our mission to ensure that our investors receive their incentives in a timely manner. Our policy is to comply with the “Act” and the “Regulations” and to pass on the incentives to the investors within a 30 day time frame of receiving the incentives.

We build and maintain strong partnerships with the property managers, DSS and the DHHS so that our investors’ needs are consistently met at all times. We have built great relationships with over 40 different property managers.  

Since the start of the NRAS program, the number of property managers has increased rapidly due to our flexible approach in allowing our investors to choose their own property managers. We have actively built great relationships with the new property managers as we are fully aware that this is fundamental to our “putting investors first” model.  


Whether you are looking to transfer your NRAS Allocation, or just have a quick question – our dedicated NRAS team are here to assist you.

Within Haven Home Safe, we have a dedicated NRAS team comprising of a Program Manager, and six Compliance Officers.

Central to our philosophy is our total commitment to investors’ needs. We put people first. We believe it’s what sets us apart.

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