What happens if I sell my NRAS dwelling?

The NRAS incentive is only payable when approved participants meet the conditions of allocation under the Scheme. If a dwelling is sold, it may no longer be eligible to receive the incentive if it ceases to meet the conditions of allocation. No penalties are imposed by the Australian Government beyond this.

Can I sell my NRAS property or remove it from the Scheme and rent it at market rates?

Yes. Subject to any other contractual obligations, approved participants no longer wanting to participate in the scheme can sell their dwelling or cease their participation prior to completion of the 10 year NRAS term without incurring any Government penalties. However, no incentive will be payable once the conditions of allocation for the dwelling cease to be met.

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How can I purchase an NRAS property?

The Australian Government is not directly involved in buying and selling individual properties. Potential purchasers may wish to contact the NRAS approved participants in the States or Territories where they wish to purchase dwellings.


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