Loddon Mallee Services Limited trading as Haven; Home, Safe (“HHS”) is an Approved Participant in the NRAS Scheme.

The National Rental Affordability Scheme(NRAS) Regulations 2008 were amended on 18 November 2017 to create protections for investors of approved rental dwellings in NRAS.

These changes allow the investor to request a change of their Approved Participant in certain circumstances.

If you are an owner of an NRAS dwelling and wish to change your Approved Participant, Haven; Home, Safe can assist you with this process.

Why make the switch?

☑ We ensure you receive your incentive promptly.

☑ You can choose your own property manager.

☑ Our dedicated NRAS team will assist you in the transition.

☑ Haven; Home, Safe is the second largest Approved Participant in Victoria.

☑  Our philosophy is to put people first, especially our investors.


Step by step guide to the transfer of approved participant process

Step 1 – Investor Application to Transfer an Allocation to another Approved Participant

The Investor must complete the ‘Investor Application to Transfer an Allocation to another Approved Participant’ form in order to make an application to transfer the allocation attached to their approved rental dwelling to another approved participant. This form must be used in conjunction with the ‘Guidelines for Completing an Investor Application to Transfer an Allocation to another Approved Participant’.

Click on the link below to access the Transfer an Allocation to another Approved Participant form and the relevant guidelines.

Should you have issues completing the form, please feel free to reach out to the NRAS team at Haven; Home, Safe. We are happy to assist you.

Step 2 – Assessment of the application and notification

The assessment of the application by the Department and notification of a proposed transfer to the investor and the approved participant. 

The letter to the investor will confirm that the grounds for transfer appear to have met. It will also include a list of approved participants for the investors to choose from.

The approved participant will be invited to respond to the grounds for the proposed transfer within 14 days.

Step 3 – Investor nomination

The investor is advised to contact the proposed approved participants on the list prior to making their nomination. Should you wish to ring us at any time during the process, we are happy to assist you.

Step 4 - Agreement from the nominated approved participant

This is the formal written agreement from the nominated approved participant that they will accept the allocation.

Step 5 - Decision to transfer the allocation to another approved participant

The final decision to transfer the allocation is made by the Department.  All parties will be notified of the decision.